In the second largest island of Cyclades and with a history of about 6000 years, you can find:

Beaches. With a coastline of 176 Km, there is always a beach sheltered from the wind.
The most famous are Chrisi Ammos ("Golden Beach"), Agios Petros, Batsi, Chalkolimnionas, Niborio, Achla, Gialia, tis Grias to Pidima ("Old Lady's Leap"), Zorkos, Vitali, Vori, etc.

Chrisi Ammos
Agios Petros' Tower

Archaeological sites. Visitable, like the ancient capital Paleopolis, Ypsili, Zagora, Agios Petros Tower and not yet visitable like Strofilas, the largest and best preserved Neolithic settlement of the Aegean.

Water springs: The famous Menites Springs, where water pours out of marble lion heads are located really close to the hotel.
Other well-known water springs are Sariza, Petrenia and Pithara.

Menites springs
Museum of Contemporary Art

Museums. Famous, like the Archaelogical Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Maritime Museum.
And less famous but equally important, like the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis, Kydonieos Foundation, Cyclades Olive Museum etc.

Pathways. There are 22 short, signposted paths and one long, 100 Km path with a European quality certification in Andros. Paths pass through small forests, fertile valleys, beaches, ravines, streaming waterfalls and springs.
Find more at Andros Routes.

Agia Marina

Monasteries. Panachrantou Monastery with the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, rendered by St Luke. Agios Nikolaos monastery, with plenty of relics. And Agia Marina's, Zoodochos Pigi's (or Agias) and Agia Irini's monasteries.

Aladino Cave. Cave "Foros", aged 4.5–5 million years old, is an impressive spectacle composed of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, hanging rocks and colorful limestone.

Aladino Cave
Agia Thalassini and Tourlitis

Chora. Built on a peninsula, leading to the small island with the medieval castle. The graceful town combines imposing mansions, museums, churches, Agia Thalassini, the Unknown Sailor's statue and many more sights.